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    3 Easy Steps in Goal Setting

    Hi How are those New Years resolutions going? Well if you are like most people, you started the year with a another commitment to finally get into shape this year. This year 2017 will be the year you finally see those ABS. However with work piling ...Read more »

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    The FightShape Experience

    The FightShape Experience is a fitness retreat that encompasses: Nutrition, Fitness, Basic MMA and a complete vitality overhaul in just one weekend. Start the year right and recalibrate your mind and body through Fightshape’s goal oriented fitness program situated in the luxurious Bintan Lagoon Resort, Indonesia. Achieve sustainable ...Read more »

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    Should you put butter in your coffee?

    Coffee has been drank since the 11th century. It was discovered by a goat herder, when he saw his flock of goats get fired up every time they ate coffee berries. The news of this magical fruit spread throughout the Arabian Peninsula into Europe and ...Read more »

  • I don’t have time to workout

    The most common excuse I hear for not working out is "I don't have time". This comment is used time and time again by people who want to exercise but just can't seem to find the time. There is 24 hours in a day. Each hour ...Read more »

  • Roxas Phillipines Workout Anywhere

    #WorkoutAnywhere visits the "Seafood Capital of the Philippines!" Roxas is superior in marine life and fun festivals that feature the best things their city offers. The beach wraps around its roads, giving you a scenic tricycle ride everywhere! I found a perfect spot in the Bay-Bay ...Read more »

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    The Top 5 Mistakes in MMA Fitness

    MMA is considered to be the fastest rising sport in the world but for some reason MMA strength and conditioning Coaches believe that fighters need to train using the fanciest fitness methods possible. From “Touch Butt” and Movement Coaches, to Sledgehammers and Gas Masks, MMA coaches/fighters ...Read more »

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    3 Tips to Fight Sadness

    It happens to the best of us. Somedays you just feel like climbing into bed and pulling the covers over your head and calling it a day. Maybe work sucks or your friends just don't understand you anymore. The days are filled with people yelling ...Read more »

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    The Best TRX Exercises EVER..

    Over the past 30 years or so, we have seen the "Thigh Master", various sit up machines and shaking pieces of crap called "Vibration Training" dominate the market. The junk that is being sold on TV commercials is shocking. The really sad part is people ...Read more »

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    Bangkok Workout Anywhere

    As I walked down a street in Bangkok on a Wednesday afternoon, the hot sun was beating down hard on my shoulders. I was thinking I didn't want to have another Workout Anywhere video against a beautiful temple or Wat. I wanted something different, something ...Read more »

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    Martin Rooney- Creating Greatness in your Life

      Martin is a physical therapist, strength & conditioning coach, Judo black belt, fitness entrepreneur, author several books and former member of the US National Bobsled Team. His unique blend of fitness and motivation has inspired thousands of people around the world to change their lives. ...Read more »